Its feminine sense said to it that it insisted on observing it. But, its feminine pride, does not allow that it looked at again for it. – Cursed pride? baixinho muttered. now, seated there in its room, opened the eyes and finally it recognized. It was gotten passionate.

– But as? If not even it had touched in it, spoken with it, nothing. This is a madness. Instinctively it was arisen and it started to walk of a side for the other, thinking. – Or I am, or am completely insane person? He censured himself enters teeth, baixinho. He remembered that He clinks, in the meeting had presented, it to all of a time alone. – Personal Attention! This is the Carlos here, but they can call I hunt it, n dear? It says.

One remembered in the ingenuous way to smile and the right hand of it, shyly raised, complimenting to all and again its eyes if they had found, but of this time, the euphoria of Clinks not it allowed that it continued to look at it. Then, while It clinks if it moved away with it, in direction to the kitchen, it folloies it, discrete, with the look, observes its profile, its height, its hair, everything, everything, until the skill of it to hold the cigarette. It laughed at same itself. Suddenly, she was serious and it repeated: – This is madness, my God. As he is that he can, I, a brought up to date woman, antenada, independent and decided well, can be gotten passionate thus for somebody that I do not know, nor I know who I am, nor of where he came and nor I know if I will see another time to it. when thinking about this, its heart was sobressaltou. Not. It did not want that she was thus. In the deep one, she wanted to see it one more time yes, she wanted to have the chance to talk with it, to know it, who better knows until Suspirou deeply, and was left to fall again seated in the sofa, placing the face between the hands and was there.