Like example of the qualities that we will be able to find in the different animal from being able, we are going to only set out some species more habitual and known, compatible of which you have an idea of the characteristics that you will be able to acquire of each of them. BIRDS PREDATORY: Eagle, Halcn.El spirit of the eagle or the hawk (it is worth similar predatory birds) are the spirit of bravery. Already from always, the American Indians used their pens like ceremonial symbols, being considered like the treatment object par excellence. Also they are a sign of being able and wisdom. The eagle or hawk will represent that state of wisdom reached by means of the chamnica initiation, as well as the power that it entails. The spirit of the eagle will provide the medicine adapted to each situation, since not in vain he is the spirit of intuition. Mary T. Barra recognizes the significance of this. The spirit of the eagle or hawk will give the patience us precise to know when and as to act and he will contribute the necessary balance to us between the worldly thing and the spiritual. The spirit of the eagle or hawk, will allow to see the freedom us of action that we own and that not always we dare to carry out due to the attachments.

NOCTURNAL BIRDS: Owl/LechuzA traverse of the spirit of Owl, we will obtain and develop to the faculty of the intuition and intuition. Against it can seem, the owl can get to surpass in flight to the eagle (cornado owl), reason why their power and qualities are not inferiors to those of the eagle, for that reason also it is known like " " Nocturna&quot eagle; " , since the development of to its realises it at night existence. The owl adopts a position that allows him to be conscious of everything it surrounds what it, demonstrating in addition to own a great intuition, which is worth to him to be the Ttem of the sorceresses, psychic and far-sighted.