O2 allows free tickets per person for a short time up to four O2 o. Already since a few weeks, the current O2 tickets running action. The O2 o is free tickets basically to the same prepaid cards, as you also get them at O2 – with a few differences. An O2 prepaid card is usually 14.99 Euros including one euro starting balance, the free tickets are, as the name suggests can be free. But also this free prepaid cards to bring also a euro start balances. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as The Procter & Gamble Company by clicking through. Until now it was so that any person aged 16 or over up to three o could order this O2 tickets. Until August 16, this number was now increased to four tickets per person. Whether the current action is discontinued after the 08 or first again on three SIM cards is limited, has not been known so far.

Free tickets past actions were only some days or weeks, before they were started again after some time. The free tickets but also not only this differ from normal O2 prepaid cards, these are free of charge. Only when these Cards is there even free SMS for credit charges. Already there is 150 bonus SMS that can be sent not only to the O2 network, but in all German mobile phone networks for a charge of Euro 15.00. Higher up loading amounts of SMS even increases the number. For 20,00 euro credit in addition 300 free SMS, for 30,00 euro there are even 500th O2 up to 1,000 bonus SMS pro credits this month. Single hook on this thing: the bonus SMS are just one month valid, unused messages will expire then. To to four O2 tickets include a euro start balances each and be delivered before activated. They remain active, but for the time being only a month when credit is charged during this time, the activation will be extended for six months each.