For Neri (2003) the physical activity is one of the components that assist in the improvement of the Quality of Life in the third age. The author affirms that performance of the activities contributes for the development of the social being, raises the personal satisfaction of the aged one, acts for the reduction estresse, beyond makes possible moments of pleasant. We see the importance since place of social conviviality for the aged freqentantes. In the final part of the questionnaire some more direct questions on the ATI with the purpose had been launched to perceive the level of knowledge on program and the efficient quo is being the spreading of this. It was evidenced that a great majority of the interviewed ones really does not know the program although to use the equipment, and amongst 17% that they had affirmed to know none presented a complete reply how much to its objective. Graph ' ' objective of program ATI' ' All had affirmed that the program is being well accepted, fact proven in the practical one for some? observing the great use of the equipment or for the spreading of the program in the media, that works with images of aged using the equipment supported for some professional, much more easy to be caught that one content more clarifying theoretician and of the goals of the government in relation to the implantation of the program. By the way, in the Mayan Kalina, instructors in the period of the morning had not been observed, only in the turn of the afternoon/night. They had not been observed, in this square professional surveying arterial pressure and cardiac beatings with adequate equipment as he divulges the program. Graph ' ' opinion of the interviewed ones regarding the improvement of the Square with the ATI' ' Beyond affirming that the program is well accepted, 93% believe that the implantation of the equipment in general brought improvements for square.