If to eat at night it is a problem for you, here you have some advice and tricks that will help to change this habit you. Different strategies of work for different people. Of a some of these ideas an opportunity and verifies if they work for you. 1. In order to stop eating at night and losing kilos If you eat at night because boring or you are estresado, it proves the storage of your refrigerator and the closets with healthy treats. Instead of chocolate, cakes, pies and chipses, give to access to the fruits only like apples or oranges, almonds and fruits droughts like the nuts.

These foods have less calories and are more nutritious. You can darte tells that you want to eat in smaller amount, because they are not so sweet and greasy as other types of snacks. 2. Potable water Some people eat at night because they think that they are hungry. In fact, she can be dehydrated. If this is applied, tries to take a glass from water whenever you have desire to eat at night.

She tries to make this during several nights at least to see if she makes a difference. After drinking water, sides that the impulse to eat disappears. 3. Exercise One of the strategies that some people use is to make exercise at night. You can do this, for example, while you watch. Instead of to ingest pazteles or the cakes, you will feel productive if pedaleas on a bicycle or walk in a caminadora while you see your favorite programs. 4. Rubber to chew Chewing-gum is another form to replace eating at night and to lose kilos. Also, it will maintain your mouth occupied it would fill up and it with a flavor that you like. Perhaps you are cone that you do not want to have tea by the effect of the rubber in the mouth.

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