What you must about Guyabano from the Graviola tree Philipp pinische magic fruit should know the Philippine Guyabano, also known as the guanabana or Graviola Corossol grows on the Graviola tree. She has truly strong properties, so that they will be titled as “Magical fruit”. Because the taste is slightly sweet sour it is named also in the German as sour sack. In my opinion quite wrongly, because the sweet taste in a mature Guyabano weighs over. The taste and texture of the flesh can be roughly compared with the relatives and known Cherimoya. However, you have more pulp at the Guyabano, because it is much larger. The hard black seeds (contain a vegetable neurotoxin) are not suitable for human consumption and must be removed. In contrast to the trunk of the extra should be eaten, because he has a special taste.

The Guyabano is only ready for consumption, if you is nice and soft to light pressure, in the meantime the fruit in the refrigerator. Parts You the Guyabano with a sharp knife remove the stalk from the juicy pulp in the Middle, and enjoy him extra. Then, again cut the fruit and peel from the pulp, or simply relish aspirate with the mouth and the teeth directly from the shell. The Guyabano is rich in Ascorbic acid and vitamins of groups C and containing calcium, Klaium and phosphorus. But that’s still not everything you read what is reported on the Internet about Guyabano under else here:… and an article, unfortunately only in English, she appeared in the famous sunstar.com on.fb.me/bYhPQC or Googling the Guyabano term in the Internet. With sunny regards from the Philippines Gerhard Menje tropical fruits directly from the paradise of the Philippines more information blog you in my blog.FruitsfromParadise.com on Facebook at: FruitsfromParadise in Twitter at: twitter.com/GerhardMenje Cebu City Philippines

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