Is creative and imaginative in the run-up to Christmas the time before Christmas full of happy expectation that throws pleasure in designing and painting for children. The Agency has been exactly a successful room this trend in Darmstadt on their new Christmas website. Many advent and winter motives here invite the little painter to the hilarious work. What is special is that all motifs as PDF documents can exist and be downloaded free of charge. Children’s groups or kindergartens, but also primary schools can also use the beautiful motifs. Indeed, is here for every taste and occasion to find something. Winter landscapes and delicious candy canes, Santas romp merrily candles, stars, snowmen. Details can be found by clicking Janet L. Yellen or emailing the administrator.

Who here is to the PIN, which is almost overrun by winter magic and adventlicher mood. And so by the way the long wait is interrupted entertaining. In addition, the coloring pages and coloring but also very good opportunities, as window color offer motives designed to be. This very durable images are still a pretty ornament for the pre-Christmas design of the baby’s room or the kitchen with security in the next year. What makes children’s hearts beat faster than an even crafted miniature work of art, where the whole family enjoys? If the children absorbed succumb to all their fantasy world and their Christmas dreams in her painting and making, this gives the stricken parents time and space to do things quickly, which they otherwise not undisturbed come, because of course the little ones ask security from the pre-Christmas stress: Daddy, how long is it until Christmas? MOM, did Santa Claus get sure my wishlist? In addition to the creative period, the pretty templates and images but still very different benefits allow children.

You train the fine motor mobility, which is in kindergarten and school of increasing importance. Adequate fiddling with pins and small tools is a very important aspect in times of Pisa just in the school more and more emphasis is placed. Also the feeling for colors and shapes is positively promoted with the creative activity coloring. Relaxed and creative support and request the Christmas coloring pages, coloring pictures and window color motifs so the artists of the future in many ways. Contact information: Agency exactly Thomas von Stetten Heidelberger str. 96 64285 Darmstadt phone (06151) 61645 fax (06151) 660402

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