The accountant called the crown, the initial number of logs, placed directly on the foundation for which matched the highest quality timber with a thickness of 4 – 6 cm more than the others. Ideal – this device is the accountant of the rim strong and resistant to water, wood – oak or larch. The crowns are placed to one another semi-circular grooves, which are selected with an ax over the entire length of logs from the bottom. Depends on the thickness of the log width of the groove. For example, for a diameter of 18 – 20 cm width should be 12 cm, while for 22 – 24 – 15 cm to the ranks had approximately the same thickness and a horizontal arrangement, the beams in adjacent rows are placed butt end (the thicker end of the log) in different directions. With round or rectangular wooden studs each crown connected to the lower – and overlying logs to make the walls of log houses of strength and stability. They are located that every 1.5 – 2 m in length and interleaved in a checkerboard pattern along the entire height of the walls of the framework. Diameter Round spine should be approximately 2 – 3 cm rectangular 6 – 2.5 cm, length of spines should be within 12 cm between doors, windows and corners of the log set at least two studs. Holes for pins to be more their length by 2 – 3 cm, as with time log shrinkage may reach 5 – 7% of its height.

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