Spam more effective than anti-spam laws. In the system of spam is not filtered but not adopted. Spam mails are not only annoying, they cost companies time and money and even a security risk for the corporate IT infrastructure. So thousands of spam mails see sad a sad end – the Unterfranken company ETHA from Urspringen daily for their sender, not the recipient. To read more click here: Hachette Book Group. For many companies and Government agencies we are the doormen of their e-Mail inboxes”, says Andreas Hoffmann, Managing Director of ETHA electronics GbR and inventor of spam This means that this heuristic (self-learning) system already intercepts unwanted e-Mails in the Internet and returns directly to the sender. So, not in the customer’s IT infrastructure, you can penetrate and affect them. Emails not arriving not in quarantine folders disappear also. here works on a different principle as conventional solutions, because there is no filters and blockers. This complete works in the Internet, so time and above all cost is saved here. The characteristics of spam detection is here also constantly updated, including the latest antivirus signatures. New is here especially, the does not have a content verification with keyword recognition, but the emails unread”when the receiver arrive. The idea to does not come here from a large corporation but was originally developed for personal use, in Lower Franconia.

The developer Andreas Hoffmann explains to his motivations: we wanted to be sure that no emails may be lost. And no manufacturer could guarantee that us.” Therefore, the programmer by analyze the spam symptoms as accurately as a virologist who explored a constantly mutating virus that he must rein in. Thus it was not only a product which can use any domain name holder without any prior knowledge. There great emphasis was placed on some points that are neglected by established manufacturers like. The emails are here unread”served and still no time for verification work is necessary. That all of this is possible within a few minutes without a technician completes the user friendliness. 50 billion e-Mails are sent every day. 93% of them are illegal advertising, so spam-mails. Measurable improvements by the anti-spam laws are not noticeable. The cost burden of enterprises through spam is enormous. Next to the service team ETHA offers also other services, that are required in connection with a website.This also Web designers and media designers are working alongside the programmers creating homepages and establishing its own domain (E.g.).Thus hardly borders are defined to the imagination of the customers. For more information, see. Andreas Hoffmann

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