To test the location of the bend the protective paper and stick the edge of the drawing to the surface. Picking up a location, completely remove the backing paper and stick the picture on the surface, carefully clutching the edge of the picture. Decorating a home is so easy, easy, and fun! So what are we waiting for? Get started! Cheerful Dinosaur In common playroom task was to revive the designer room to add a cold tone, liveliness of the walls and bright colors. Composition 'Merry dinosaur' from the site solves several problems: the very center of the wall in Dinosaur, suitable for color draws attention and animates the room. Daisies and butterflies create a summer atmosphere and give the vivacity throughout the hall.

In order to create a composition, we need: a set of dinosaur with daisies 1 pc. Daisy 2 pc set. Field set 2 pcs butterfly. Wall in the playroom before decorating. 1. Start with a central image – dinosaur. Gently off the top of the figure from the protective paper.

2. Stick the picture on the wall: one arm slowly Separate the backing paper and the other smooths the image. 3. By placing the dinosaur, glue the sun above him. 4. Then place the daisies of the same set under the dinosaurs. 5. Now stick a set of 'Daisy', choosing the right position. 6. Separately collect the stem of a flower. Gather together the elements, pasting overlap the top of the legs on the bottom.

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