This instrument can contain closed or open questions. (Not to be confused with Mary Barra!). The application of the questionnaire can occur of two forms: through the direct contact or to send it for the post office, however the way more insurance is to apply directly for the searched one. Interview the interview is one technique that allowed the narrow relationship between interviewed and the interviewer, explains Barros and Lehfeld (1986). The term interview is constituted from two words, enters and sight. Sight mentions the act to it to see. It enters indicates relation of place or state in the space that separates to two people or things. This instrument can be classified between structuralized and not-structuralized. Structuralized it is when they possess formulated previous questions and is not freedom of alterations of the topics or to make inclusions of questions.

In not-structuralized the searching search to obtain the considered aspects more excellent of a research problem, through the conversation. It has 3 types of not-structuralized interviews: 1- Focused interview: from a script of item to search the interviewer it can include the questions that to desire. 2- Clinical interview: interview used for the study of the behavior of the people. 3- Not-directed: the interviewer suggests the Subject and leaves the interviewed one to speak without forcing it to answer it to this or that aspect. RESULTS AND QUARREL It analyzes in accordance with it of the answers of the questionnaires, answered for 8 monitorial of the Samaritano Hidding place, for comment interviews, it can be concluded that the institution collaborates with the interest to read and to write. that the activities that more stimulate the writing are book readings, games with letters and syllabify, to draw and activities with musics. The questionnaires, also, had helped to conclude questions on live deeply of the sheltered children. The convivncia, the relationship between the children improves very with the time, some times the children receive from affectionate way the other new children and the fact sheltered them to live similar situations aid in the construction of a good relationship.