Now, it’s the Time, the causes of the housing crisis is critical to reflect in an excessive risk-taking and extreme yield expectations, missing controls, a lack of transparency and unclear responsibilities, as well as in General would be to short-term thinking. However, competence and reliability, realistic yield expectations clearly defined assumption of responsibility and a long-term, sustainability-oriented thinking would be needed in the real estate industry. Courage and confidence would be needed to tackle the crisis. The ECE Projektmanagement GmbH & co. developed KG, the shopping centers in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland as well as in many CEE / SEE countries with a current market volume of 3.4 million m of retail space and operates, remain so next to the ball”, so Dunstheimer. “As a result, Dr.

Alexander Redlein led a panel discussion on the topic of real estate training: yesterday today tomorrow”, in addition to Gerhard Dunstheimer and Prof. Dr. Bob Martens also Helga Brun (Board member of) Austrian Association of real estate fiduciary oVI), Mag.a Nadja Shah (chairwoman of the tenants Association of in Austria) and MMag. Philipp Kaufmann (Chairman of the TU-Immmobilienmanagement courses ImmoABS AbsolventInnenverbandes) took part. “The statements in particular the ingredients for a good education in the real estate sector focused on: in addition to developing a solid basic knowledge of the three subject areas technology, law and Economics constant contact with practitioners, as well as taking into account the aspects of sustainability, ethics and responsibility and architectural emotionality” of real estate.

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