Especially for those who consider themselves "complete 0" in a foreign language. For absolute 'zeros' does not exist! Knowledge of Spanish is often limited to all known "Amor", the Italian – "Felicita", not counting the names of wines. Fully borrowed words from French, but many did not even realize Remember Pushkin? 'But his trousers, coat, jacket – all these words in Russian is not' So – English. You may have noticed that periodically renewable fashion for borrowing English words and phrases has led to what we actually have already mastered a good vocabulary? It is in the early 90s it was considered very progressive to weave it into something like "my boss krezanuty. Now, without further ado, one and all care about the image, criticized the reconstruction, outraged teenagers, watching remakes, eat popcorn, communicates in offices and on presentations and do not doubt that in the regions observed deficit for exclusives. After all, right? 🙂 And you say – zero! It's a win-win theme of speeches by our fervent, as well as survey of young linguists. Understand this cosmopolitan abracadabra – he was still a fan, but as the saying goes, good ekspiriens.