Have liked for all the Wilbar to eat: ALB-Gold makes pasta noodle-polar bears what moves to make a noodle manufacturer of the Swabian Alb, noodles in the form of polar bear? “Quite simply: children love polar bears and kids love noodles the connection between the two is now the Wilbar noodle”, Klaus Freidler, the owner of noodle specialist ALB-gold from Trochtelfingen is pleased. Wilbar mid-April has left its protective housing in the Wilhelma, it is time that Wilbar pasta of durum wheat semolina leave our pasta factory, to land mainly in the children as a favorite dish on your plate now”, explains the CEO with a laugh. The family-owned company is known for its innovation and the great variety of assortment with more than 100 different noodle shapes. Pasta figures and shapes are also a speciality. There it was, together with the Stuttgart Wilhelma, to develop the Wilbar noodle. Is the most ambitious in the development of a new noodle of course the production of form of”, explains Superintendent Michael Kostler. It was us to represent the polar bears as real, so this is not cheesy”, explains the food engineer. Together with the Wilhelma and the manufacturer of the matrices, set the special form, through which the dough finally pressed.

But how does exactly the new Wilbar noodle? The mass of durum wheat semolina and water to a well mouldable dough is mixed in a large dough mixer. This is then pressed with high pressure and vacuum by the form of Wilbar. A rotating knife to cut the noodles to the right length. Then, Wilbar must sweat in the big dryers of the pasta factory. The water content is reduced to preserve the pasta polar bears. After three to four hours Wilbar left the sauna well dried up”with a water content of more than 13 percent. In a short period of rest, before I go into the packaging area, he can cool his temperature down.

There you are small pasta Wilbaren groups together in a 250 gram pack plugged into. At the end, the packs get still a label and a trailer. Find people interested in besides lots of information about the little star in the Wilhelma and his home on this. In the future, the small Wilbar will be much pleasure not only to visitors in the Wilhelma, but also in the form of noodle delight the children. “There also determines the parents look forward when the little ones like the Wilbar to eat” have. Tip: Who wants to see yourself how Wilbar noodles and other pasta specialties arise, can the voucher on the Pack trailer Wilbar noodles make use of there’s noodle Center in Trochtelfingen ALB gold for a free guided tour of the glass production.

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