I participate in the call “YOU ARE NOT wrinkle” and though my project is not among the winners, if the proposals tuck between agencies, unfortunately the failure of the programmer PUNCH by contrast echo the good intentions of this call. The producer has opened FOXTELECOLOMBIA through its website a link where every writer or screenwriter has guidelines to follow to submit your film or television project to study the creative group, due to unusual rise and success of this alliance accurate production, which has given excellent results since its launch, profiled forefront as the largest producer in Latin America. Maybe this can be a very good start for all those anonymous writers who are the length and breadth of the country and abroad, hoping to find a reliable support and to prevent remain easy prey for the avivatos medium, provided the hunting of plagiarizing ideas without giving the minimum and deserved recognition to these new authors. The inquisition in command of the Lord Raymundo Angulo, president of the national beauty pageant in Colombia back in the news to disqualify a new candidate in the Department of Valle in this event, for the simple fact that a few years ago sitting in underwear, situation that the inquisition of this great event considered completely out of the strict moral standards promulgated since its foundation, so that Miss should unpack his bags and return all his furniture designers and sponsors, but as “Every cloud has blessing in disguise “, the former sovereign will begin to rain now interesting proposals for work. Click Charles Schwab Corporation for additional related pages. What one wonders is how much longer Mr. Raymundo Angulo persisted in maintaining a regulation anachronistic, outdated and totally hackneyed?. Two years ago or so I sent a communication to the television stations making a suggestion on the implementation of an area come back to relive the old hits that built as such the real melodrama Colombian especially for new generations tuviesen a reference point TV of yesteryear, in a space that could be called “Time of Remembrance” or “retro time” for surprise, since last week RCN is promoting the release of “The time retro” with which the intention to put on the air TV hits as “Yo soy Betty la fea” and “Los Reyes” special editions and in the evening slot. It would be nice that these versions are less long and shall include hits from the eighties and nineties mainly and would be excellent idea to market these special editions on DVD for collectors as he has with Caracol TV series as “steps” and “Sin Tetas no paradise.” Who we are gummy For melodramatic genre, series and miniseries, it would be interesting to get a series on DVD as “Woman President”, “The Victorine”, “The sins of Ines de Hinojosa,” “The house of the two palms and all the successes of Julio Jimenez, to name a few.. Read more here: Hachette Book Group.